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Friday, June 11, 2010

32nd District Candidate Filings

Last date for filing for State races is today.

Rep Chase

Today the slates are complete.  This morning the Secretary of State's  site shows that
former Legislator Patty Butler has filed against Rep Maralyn Chase and Kenmore Mayor Dave Baker
for the 32nd LD Senate seat.  Butler was elected to one term in 1998 and defeated in 2000 by Carolyn Edmonds, who then went on to the King County Council. Her filing states she "Prefers Democratic Party".

• St Rep Maralyn Chase has served for 4 terms and has filed for the Senate seat after Darlene Fairley decided to retire.  She serves as vice chair of the House Environmental Heath Com, and serves on the Capiral Budget, Community, Trade and Economic Development and the Ecology and Parks Committees.  Chase has the Nomination and Endorsement of the 32nd District Democrats, holds an MBA from UW, is a small business owner and serves on the board of Shoreline Solar Project and Shoreline Chamber of Commerce. She is a longtime labor activist and has received the WA State Labor Council (COPE) endorsement.

• Mayor Dave Baker is a Republican has run for State Rep before and has served as Mayor and Councilmember of Kenmore since 2004, holds a PhD degree and is also a small business owner and serves on many committees.
Mayor Dave Baker
In State Rep Races there is also a full slate:
Pos #1 

Cindy Ryu

• Former Shoreline Mayor Cindy Ryu has filed early this week. She has the Nomination and Endorsement by the 32nd District Democrats as their candidate. She served as Mayor and City Councilmember in Shoreline for 4 years. She holds an MBA from UW, is a small business owner and past President of Shoreline Chamber of Commerce and serves as current President of Dollars for Scholars. She has received many Labor endorsements including COPE (Wash State Labor Council).

Dr. Arthur Coday has filed stating he "prefers Republican Party". He resides in Shoreline and is active in the TEA Party group Shoreline Caucus.
Dr Art Coday

Shoreline Councilmember Doris McConnell has filed and served for 2 years on her council seat and says she "prefers Democratic Party." She is active in the PTSA.
Doris McConnell

Position #2

Rep Ruth Kagi

• Rep Ruth Kagi has filed for her current seat and has received the Nomination and Endorsement by the 32nd District Democrats as their candidate. She lives in Lake Forest Park and has served as State Rep for 5 terms. She serves as Chair of the House Early Learning, Childrens Services Committee, on the Ways and Means and Education Approprations Committees.

• Stan Lippman is from Lake Forest Park and states he "prefers Democratic Party". He resides in LFP and has run previously for several offices including Congress, Attorney General and Mayor of Seattle as a Republican. He is also currently listed as a Republican PCO.
Stan Lippman

• Gary (G) Gagliardi has filed stating he "prefers Republican Party". Mr Gagliardi is a business man and author and resides in Shoreline.
Gary Gagliardi

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