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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Shoreline City Hall Achieves LEED Gold Rating

City Hall Solar Array
photo credit- Janet Way

Exciting news for Shoreline yesterday.  The City has achieved a LEED Gold rating for the new City Hall project. LEED stands for Leadership for Energy and the Environment for and Design is established by the Green Energy Council administered by Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI).  

The last City Council and staff sought this high rating to provide a facility that would provide good services  while  setting a good example for the region on energy usage and carbon footprint AND decrease the stormwater impacts.

The project sports many "Green" features including the Solar Array and Electric Vehicle plug-in facilities, and the Green Roof and Solar Hot Water heater on the Council Chambers. Many other sustainable features were utilized such as materials, recycling, lighting and native plantings on the grounds.

Roof Garden with Solar Hot Water in distance and April Solar Array Dedication

Shoreline Solar Project was a partner in completing the Solar installations along with the work of Northwest Mechanical, Seattle City Light and Arlington based Silicon Energy. It is the largest municipal solar array in the State to date.

The sustainable features also helped Shoreline achieve recognition again as "must live" regional location
by Seattle Magazine in it's Best Neighborhoods ratings. Shoreline and it's citizens and institutions are making a name for themselves as renewable energy leaders.

This achievement marks a proud moment for all of our citizens and the Council, community and staff who made it possible. Congratulations Shoreline!

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