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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oil Spills in Puget Sound? Draw the Line this Saturday!

Say NO to Oil Spills in Puget Sound!

The BP oil disaster is a wake-up call for Puget Sound. We need to be vigilant that Puget Sound is spared from an Exxon Valdez orDeepwater Horizon magnitude oil spill.
Check out our mock oil spill from yesterday:
Big Oil’s history of lobbying against environmental protections in Puget Sound and call for BP to be held accountable for the devastation that they have caused in the Gulf Coast. It is time for greater protections against oil spills in Puget Sound and time for President Obama to deliver a plan to transition America off oil by 2030.
Not in our Puget Sound!  
Join the fun on Saturday, June 26th for an international day of action against BP.  A  Hands Across the Sands event is occurring at a beach near you, check it out:
While we do not have oil rigs operating in the Puget Sound or on our outer coast—thanks to legislation we helped pass a long time ago, Puget Sound is at risk of a catastrophic oil spill.  Over 4,000 vessels travel through the Strait of Juan de Fuca every year ( oil tankers, large ships, oil barges). Puget Sound is also home to five oil refineries. And we have had plenty of small and medium-size wake-up spills over the years. Yet, a recent “worst-case” oil spill study here in Washington State concluded that we are woefully unprepared and under-equipped to deal with a large spill. The nightmare of the Gulf could be our nightmare.
Not in our Puget Sound!  For a beach location near you, go to:
See you on the beach!

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