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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shoreline Historical Museum Board Appeals SEPA Determination on Shorewood HS

An appeal has been filed today on the Shorewood HS SEPA Determination by the Shoreline Historical Museum Board.

In a letter dated today, Museum Board President, Henry Reed cites errors in the DNS (Determination of No-significance) issued by the Shorline School District saying"
The District has failed to meet its obligations under SEPA with respect to the Proposal.  The DNS reflects both substantive and procedural errors by the District, which are described below. Where, as with this Proposal, the SEPA documents identify impacts that may be significant without mitigation, SEPA requires the District to either issue an MDNS that incorporates appropriate mitigation as conditions, or alternatively, prepare an EIS to evaluate what mitigation may be necessary.[1]

[1] WAC 197-11-330(4); WAC 197-11-350.
Mr Reed states that the District, acting as SEPA Lead Agency, should have issued an MDNS (Mitigated Determination of Non-significance) or and EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) but they simply declare a Determination of No-Significance.

The Ronald School is designated by King County and the City of Shoreline as a Historical Landmark and as such needs to be protected from harm due to any possible impacts from the rebuilding of the High School. It is the oldest public building in Shoreline and has housed the Shoreline Historical Museum since 1976.

The District will have to hold a hearing. It is not known at this time when that would take place. 

Supporters rallied in January to save the Museum and are very interested in seeing that through.

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