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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Celebrating Third Month Anniversary of Paramount Importance Blog AND Sunshine and Solar Energy in Shoreline!

Sun Shines on Shoreline City Hall Solar Grand Opening

What was that bright shiny orb in the sky yesterday?  It was the Sun God blessing our Shoreline City Hall Solar Array Ribbon Cutting Celebration.

About 100 celebrants braved the "brightness" to help cut the ribbon on Shoreline City Hall's "Green" features yesterday, March 31st. Shoreline Solar Project co-sponsored and organized the event.
SSP Director Maryn Wynne said
This event was made possible by an amazing partnership of the City of Shoreline and the Shoreline Solar Project to showcase Shoreline's "Vision" as a Solar City".
We will celebrate today for April Fools Day, with no foolin' and a photo array of the event.

Solar array shown in backround above the City Hall Parking Lot.

The Ribbon Cutting event is hosted by Shoreline Solar Co-founder and Director Maryn Wynne. 
Pictured above Shoreline Solar Boardmembers (St Rep Maralyn Chase, Carin Chase, Don LaCourse, and Larry Owens AND City Councilmembers (past Former Mayor Cindy Ryu and present Mayor Keith McGlashan, Dep. Mayor Will Hall) and City Manager, Bob Olander.) (Also shown, Jeremy Wynne)

Shoreline Solar Project President and Co-founder, Larry Owens gave a short talk to tell about how the project came about, how SSP came to be and what this project means to our community.
He said that this project is now the largest Solar Installation in the City and is the fifth major installation or project sponsored by Shoreline Solar Project. SSP is sponsoring its Seventh Annual Solar Fest this summer on July 17th.

Many partners made this project possible and many were present for the Ribbon Cutting Event including
Silicon Energy, which is the first and only manufacturer of Solar Panels in WA State.  The WA State Legislature passed a bill last year giving tax incentives, making projects like this more affordable to cities, corporations and citizens.  NW Mechanical a Shoreline small business, did the actual installation of the panels and 

City Manager Bob Olander, attended the event and along with Project Manager Jesus Sanchez and many other staff, helped guide this project and vision to completion. He said this Solar Project, was in keeping with the City Council's Vision for the City Hall as the People's House.

St. Rep Maralyn Chase spoke and congratulated the City on this achievement. She is a SSP Boardmenber and has sponsored many pieces of legislation to promote renewable energy and environmental protection. Shown in back, is the yellow Tesla Electric Vehicle on display and also Councilmember Chris Eggen and Former Mayor Cindy Ryu.

Shoreline Solar Project Board celebrates this significant acheivement!
L to R - Don La Course, Rep Maralyn Chase, Pres Larry Owens, Marcus Wlbaum, Former Mayor Bob Ransom, Carin Chase and Maryn Wynne (not pictured Clmbr Chris Eggen, Liz Wiles, Wendy Dipeso, and Mike Nelson).

After the Ribbon Cutting, celebrants attended a reception, tours of City Hall Green Features, and Solar 101 free class given by Pres. Larry Owens. Above pictured, City Hall Roof RainGarden and Solar Hot Water  instalation in backround. The Solar Hotwater Heater provides all of the hot water for the Council Chambers restroom and kitchen. Citizens can visit this garden and see how it collects rainwater, stores and cleans it and provides many other benefits.


  1. Hooray for Shoreline! A GREAT & WORTHY PROJECT comes to fruition! Saskia Davis

  2. Truly a community-driven project. Thanks, Maryn, Larry, Rep. Chase, Janet, and everyone else!

    Cindy Ryu, Former Mayor of Shoreline

  3. Awesome, inspiring work..Kudos to all involved.
    Aime Palmer