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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter and Passover! Celebrating Beautiful Native Spring Flowering Plants in Paramount Park

Happy Easter and Passover!
A beautiful wetland plant with a funny common name, Skunk Cabbage is an "indicator species".
There are three indicators of wetlands - wetland plants, presence of water (for more than 1 week a year, and wetland soils. Peat soil is the type of soil typically found in a wetland. It is very dark and really takes  hundreds of years to form naturally. This is why a "created wetland" where there is none of this soil fails.
Skunk Cabbage is ethereal though, because it disappears later in the summer.

I took a little walk today in Paramount Park Natural Area restoration site and found the following lovely signs of spring.  It is one of the largest remaining wetlands in Shoreline and an important headwaters of Littles Creek, a triburary Thornton Creek.  We invite you to visit our wetland walk and find these examples of our native plantings.  Enter at either NE 147th at bottom of the hill or 12th NE and  NE 148th.

Many of these lovely native plants were planted by volunteers in our restoration projects starting in 1994. 
They provide excellent habitat to many native birds, butterflies and other native wildlife.


Red Currant Bush



Native Bleeding Heart (just a few buds so far) and Horsetail in backround

Vine maple entwined with Huckelberry