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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cindy Ryu Reception - Announcement

Friends for Cindy Ryu Reception
32nd Legislative District Representative Position #1
Monday, May 3rd
5:00 - 6:00 p.m
Nara Bistro 15033 Aurora Ave N  Shoreline, WA  98133

In the spirit of continuing public service to the community and the 32nd Legislative District, I have decided to run for the 32nd LD Representative Position #1, an open position.  Please come and help me kick off this campaign!

I encourage you to have your dinner at this affordable restaurant (help a local business!), then attend the King County Assessor Lloyd Hara’s Town Hall Meeting 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. at the Shoreline Library after the campaign reception.

Cindy Ryu, MBA
(206) 605-1588 Cell

Affirmative Action Committee Chair - 32nd LD Democratic Organization
Dollars for Scholars President - Shoreline Chamber of Commerce Chapter
Korean American Woman Mayor in USA - Mayor of Shoreline, WA (2008-2009)

**** Endorsements to Date ****

Paull Shin
Hon. Lloyd Hara
Hon. Adrienne Fraley-Monillas
 Hon. Janet Way
Jean Thomas
Priya Cloutier
Suzie Sheary
and more

Seeking Volunteers - Join the 
Ryu Campaign Team!

Friends for Cindy Ryu
32nd Legislative District State Representative Pos #1
15021 Aurora Ave NShoreline, WA  98133-6134


  1. This is the same Cindy Ryu who just lost her Shoreline Council seat as Mayor to a newbie in last November's election. The same Cindy Ryu would took a $1,000 contribution from CleanScapes, the Shoreline contracted garbage collector, and sent a letter of support for them to the City of Kent on behalf of the City Council without talking to the other councilmembers. This is the same Cindy Ryu that was presiding over a zoning change on a small piece of Aurora that included a parcel of land that she owned. This is the same Cindy Ryu that in writing supported the firing of Shoreline City Manager Steve Burkett and the hiring of a political crony George Mauer who was unqualified for the position....

  2. It is not against City Council rules to ask a for a recommendation letter for a contractor to another municipality. Additionally, it is not against Washington State Public Disclosure Commission Rules for a candidate to accept contributions from a contractor if it is declared. The opponent who ran against Ryu told lies where she claimed that Ryu should have "recused" herself from a vote where no vote was under consideration.

    Additionally, there was no rezone on then Mayor Ryu's property, all property directly along Auroray has always been zoned RB (now referred to as MUZ), Cody & Cindy Ryu paid for RB-zoned property and it never had to be rezoned. All someone has to do is check the King County Assessor's webpage and check to confirm that it has always been zoned RB.

    These same liars also stated during the election that the Ryu's were going to build a 12-story building on their property, the same lie they told four years ago about John Chang (and he doesn't own the property). There is a problem with telling serial lies, you can't remember the last one told.

  3. Hmmm. It would seem that the nastiness and trickery that some elements of Shoreline politics have become famous for already are being employed!

    By complete contrast, it gives me great pleasure to introduce readers to the Cindy Ryu whom I know:

    Cindy takes the high road; prioritizes and sticks to her high standards, making choices accordingly;

    Highly honorable 

public servant dedicated to doing the right thing in the most pragmatic, yet caring way;

    Thorough and careful public servant who works to assure answers to the needs and desires of the citizens she is elected to serve, at the same time working to recognize and prevent unintended impacts of proposed changes and legislation;


Astute and fiscally responsible public servant who cares about the people and the environment, as well as the economy and budget, and diligently promotes their collective sustainability; 

    Committed to public process and transparency in government; 

    Works effectively with colleagues and citizens to achieve conscience-driven outcomes that are, whenever possible, acceptable to all concerned.

    It is a privilege to know Cindy & it will be our great good fortune to have her as Wa. State Representative for the 32nd District.

    Saskia Davis,
 Sister & guardian for Kathy, a Shoreline Resident at Fircrest School
    (This post corrects a confusing grammatical error in earlier comments, today.)