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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earthday Poetry - Bob Barta

A Poem for Earthday - by Bob Barta

Bob is a veteran educator who is the chair of the Highland Terrace Neighborhood Association
and community activist. He is a long time advocate for our environment in our community.
He has championed the stewardship of the "Triangle" next to Highland Terrace Elementary School.

Also, April is National Poetry Month! Click here to find more poems!

My Tulips are Putting on a Show!
Photo Credit - Janet Way

"Mother Nature: She’s Here, She’s There and She’s Everywhere”:
Bob Barta © 2009

This life,
So full of cares,
Cares that blind us,
Cares that discourage us,
Cares that divert us as we rush past the wonders,
the mysteries and delights of our “Mother Nature”
who is here and there and everywhere.

We take no time
In our daily rush,
To stand and gaze with wonder
At our “Mother Nature” who is
Here and there and everywhere.

We take no time to stand in a wood
To listen to Her rustling leaves
As they whisper how they make
the oxygen that we and all
Her Creatures breathe.

No time to marvel at night,
At the reflections of sparkling starlight,
No time to be delighted by the rippling-rhythmic
dance of a golden moon in streams, ponds or puddles.

Surely a poor life is this,
When we take no time each day to stand and stare at Her joys,
Mysteries and delights that can ease our troublesome cares.

Our Dear Mother Nature is easy to find because,
She is here and there and everywhere.

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