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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunny Day for Solar Array on Shoreline City Hall

Largest in City
Posted Date:3/30/2010 
City of Shoreline website article
The City of Shoreline and non-profit Shoreline Solar Project are pleased to invite the community to a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, March 31, 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., to celebrate the new 20.2 kW solar electric system -- the largest solar photovotaic (PV) system in Shoreline -- on Shoreline City Hall's parking garage. 
Shoreline based Northwest Mechanical, Inc., installed the Made-in-Washington solar modules from Arlington-based Silicon Energy. 

The solar array generates electric power while also providing 
shade for a row of cars on the upper parking level. Seattle City 
Light provided assistance for solar modules and system 
display and monitoring services in conjunction with 
the Bonneville Education Foundation.

The celebration includes a tour highlighting Shoreline 
City Hall's extensive energy saving "green" features and a free 
"Solar 101" seminar covering solar electric and solar hot 
water systems by Shoreline Solar Project's co-founder 
Larry Owens. The Shoreline Solar Project has been 
promoting solar installations in the City of Shoreline for 
the past six years.

Shoreline Deputy Mayor Will Hall will be speaking and other 
City Councilmembers will be attending. Besides City and 
Shoreline Solar Project officials, participants include 
representatives from the other organizations that 
helped make this a successful project including Northwest 
Mechanical, Seattle City Light, Bonneville Environmental 
Foundation, Silicon Energy, Rainier Industries and OPUS 
(the contractor that built City Hall).
For more information, contact Shoreline Solar Project at 
(206) 306-9233 or Shoreline Environmental Programs 
Coordinator Rika Cecil at (206) 801-2452,

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