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Friday, February 25, 2011

Ronald School - The Truth Will Set You Free!

Monday Night, Truth Will Be Told on the Historic Ronald School and the Shoreline School District's Plans to Engulf It in a Huge New HS Complex
Front Portico of Ronald School
built in 1912
The Hearing will be held to determine whether the Shoreline School District should receive the "Certificate of Appropriateness" to impact a Landmarked Building with the proposed development of the Shorewood HS.  The COA was appealed by the Shoreline Preservation Society.

The scene will be a Shoreline City Council Hearing. The meeting starts at 7pm at Shoreline City Hall.

Shoreline City Hall - Council Chamber17500 Midvale Avenue North
Shoreline, Washington 98133

The Public is welcome to attend the hearing and witness the presentations.

The Hearing is to be a Quasi-Judicial Closed Record matter. This means that no public comment will be taken and councilmembers may NOT speak to each other or anyone else on this matter beforehand, but attorneys for Shoreline School District and the Shoreline Preservation Society will be presenting arguments. The hearing will be televised.

One controversial aspect of this hearing is that as of today, the deliberations of the Council are scheduled to be in "Executive Session". That means IN SECRET for a matter regarding the School District and the oldest building in the community!

You can see the agenda and click on the item, and access the documents in the record here.
Rear section of Ronald School, part of the oldest section( 1912)
 of the school to be encased by new HS.
These windows will be replaced but "bricked in" and
"encapsulated" by a glass hallway.

The main issues at stake are the following:

This is NOT about whether to build a new High School.
It is about whether a precedent setting plan to "Significantly Alter and Impact" the 1912 Landmarked Ronald School will be approved by the Shoreline City Council.

The Shoreline Preservation Society is an all volunteer non-profit organization whose mission is:

“To foster the preservation of historical heritage, cultural and 
environmental assets throughout the Shoreline Area.”

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