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Monday, February 14, 2011

Bob Ferguson Announcing Candidacy Today for AG

As expected, KC Councilmember Bob Ferguson will announce his candidacy today for WA Attorney General. 
Ferguson Video
Video from Bob's Website

If elected he is vowing to be a "watchdog" for consumers, to protect our air, water and land, keep our communities safe and ensure that we honor our veterans. 

Bob Ferguson, a Democrat was elected to the King County Council in 2003 beating 20 year incumbent Cynthia Sullivan,  then forced to run against another incumbent Carolyn Edmonds in the 1st District in 2005. He was then re-elected to that seat with no opponent in 2009. 

He famously doorbelled over 20,000 households to beat the two incumbents. He worked as an attorney before running for council and graduated from NYU. As an attorney he worked to 
protect the Kruckeberg Botanical Garden and to challenge some of Tim Eyeman's initiatives.

He served as President of the KC Council and now chairs the Law, Justice, Health and Human Services Committee. He represents over 200,000 residents of the First Council District.
Colleen, Katie, Bob and Jack
Bob and Colleen Ferguson and 2 yr old twins Kate and Jack 
He has already garnered some high profile endorsements, including former Gov Mike Lowry, KC Executive Dow Constantine and many others.

Inspired by Bobbie Fisher, as a boy he eventually achieved an International Chess Master rating. He also went on a quest to attend a game at every major league baseball stadium as a young man.

Bob Ferguson hosts the Annual Shrimp Feed in
Northgate Community Center
Bob and his family live in the Maple Leaf Neighborhood.

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