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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rep Cindy Ryu Passes First Bill for Freshmen in Leg

House passes Ryu bill to help cities save lives and money

Unanimous vote makes Ryu the first freshman to pass a bill from the House in 2011
Rep Cindy Ryu lives in Shoreline
and is the former Mayor
February 7, 2011

Representative Cindy Ryu took office last month and is celebrating her first legislative victory.  She was elected last November to the represent the 32nd Legislative District and resides in Shoreline. Her legislation is expected to give flexibility to communities in lowering speed limits and provide more safety to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

OLYMPIA—The House voted unanimously today for a proposal by state Rep. Cindy Ryu that would allow local governments to lower speed limits to 20 miles per hour on non-arterial roads without conducting expensive traffic studies.

The 92-0 vote for House Bill 1217 made Ryu (D-Shoreline) the first freshman lawmaker to pass a bill from the House of Representatives in the 2011 session.

“I’m very pleased the House agreed to help local governments save lives and tax dollars,” said Ryu. “We know that lowering speed limits to 20 miles per hour can save lives. Giving cities and towns the option to reduce the speed limitwithout the need for special studies will also enable them to save scarce resources in these very difficult times.”

The Washington State Association of County Engineers estimates that it typically costs $1,000 to $5,000 to do the kind of traffic studies covered by Ryu’s bill, but the costs can be significantly higher in complex situations or when small jurisdictions need to hire consultants to do the work.

Ted Inkley, Board President of the Bicycle Alliance of Washington, told the House Transportation Committee that Ryu’s measure could literally be a lifesaver in communities that take advantage of the option to reduce speed limits.

“Relatively small differences in speed can make a huge difference in survivability for pedestrians,” said Inkley.

Inkley said traffic studies in London show that lower speed limits are especially effective in reducing traffic fatalitiesamong children.

For more information:
Rep. Cindy Ryu (360) 786-7880


  1. Way to go, Cindy!

  2. Yay - thank you so much - I've been trying to get something done on my street for 10 years. People treat it like an entrance from I-5 - not only speeding but going the wrong way on a one-way street.

    Congratulations, Cindy!