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Friday, February 18, 2011

2nd Annual WOWTA TOUR - Mark your Calendar

Last years tour was a huge hit! Mark your calendar for this year's event Saturday, July 9th.

Shoreline’s Second Annual “Where Our WIldlife Is” Backyard Habitat Tour (WOWTA)

by Jennifer Rotermund, Habitat Steward and WOWTA PR Manager

As Spring quickly approaches and we watch the trees budding, my mind can’t help but begin to dream of the long, warm days of summer and all the little weekend getaways I like to schedule for myself. Since those beautiful days will be here quicker than we can all imagine, I encourage everyone to take a moment right now to add Saturday, July 9, to your 2011 summer schedule. That’s the date of Shoreline’s Second Annual “Where Our Wild Things Are” Backyard Habit Tour - or “WOWTA.

Flicker peaking out of nest hole
photo cr - Michael Oxman

WOWTA is a truly cooperative venture.  It is sponsored by Sustainable Shoreline through its WIldlife Habitat Project, partially funded by an environmental mini-grant from The City of Shoreline, and run entirely by a very fun and dedicated volunteer team of local NWF Wildlife Habitat Stewards. In fact, it was the WOWTA Tour that helped Shoreline secure the final number of necessary certifications of Backyard Wildlife Habitats to become a Certified Community Wildlife Habitat - one of only 48 like it in the country. This tremendous accomplishment is being celebrated at the Krukeberg Garden on Sunday, June 19th.

Last year’s WOWTA Tour was “wildly” successful and this year’s tour is shaping up to be even more fun and exciting. All of the Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitats selected to be in the tour are located in different Shoreline neighborhoods each year in order to celebrate each neighborhood’s accomplishments in the area of habitat creation and to make it easy for Shoreline residents to attend. In the mean time, look for the WOWTA Team to show up at various events around Shoreline, getting the word out about the tour, and come talk to us. Did you attend last year’s tour? Would you like to submit your Certified Backyard Habitat for participation in this year’s or a future year’s tour? Want to know how to certify your own yard as a Wildlife Habitat? We’d love to hear from you and welcome your ideas or questions.

If you’d like to know more about what’s being done to protect the wildlife in Shoreline, the WOWTA Backyard Habitat Tour will show you just how that’s being accomplished - one backyard at a time! So, stay tuned for  more information and make sure to join us for Shoreline’s WOWTA Backyard Habitat Tour on Saturday July 9, 2011. 

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  1. Boni Biery, Shoreline's Community Wildlife Habitat ProjectFebruary 18, 2011 at 4:31 PM

    This was so much fun last year. Everyone learned things; some small, some large and the hosts loved sharing their own habitat accomplishments. This year looks to be even better, please consider volunteering to share your own backyard habitat.