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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eric Nelson - Candidate for KCD Board of Supervisors

Eric Nelson is a running for King Conservation District Supervisor.
"King County Conservation Voters endorsed Eric Nelson for KCD Board of Directors.  A third-generation farmer with a commitment to environmental stewardship, Eric is the right person for this very important job."

 Eric has received many endorsements for his candidacy including the 
The District oversees roughly $6 million environmental dollars. That money goes to fund programs that clean up streams and waterways, restores habitat, educates farmers and assists city projects that will promote the overall health of their communities

His other endorsements include:

Key Endorsements
• The Honorable Dow Constantine, King County Executive
• King County Conservation Voters
• The Honorable Louise Miller, former King County Councilmember and state legislator
• Bill Knutsen, Chair, King Conservation District Board of Supervisors
• Laura Ruderman, former state legislator
• Gretchen Garth, Founder, 21 Acres
• Chris Curtis, Director Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Market Association
• Mary Embleton, Executive Director Cascade Harvest Coalition
• Andrew Stout, Owner Full Circle Farm and Chair, Sno-Valley Tilth
• David Burger, Executive Director, Stewardship Partners
• Terry Lavender, Bear Creek Advocate
• Nancy Hutto, Chair King County Agriculture Commission
• George Irwin, Vice Chair King County Agriculture Commission and Chair of King Pierce 

 • Cattlemen's Association 

• Michaele Blakely, King County Agriculture Commission

• Dr. Larry Pickering, member of King County Agriculture Commission and local veterinarian
• Bob Tidball, member of the King County Agriculture Commission and longtime farmland preservation advocate 
• Mark Sollitto, former North Bend City Councilmember and former co-chair of the Snoqualmie • Watershed Forum

The KCD "Online" Election is underway NOW.
Check the KCD Website for how to vote online.

Eric's Candidate Statement:
I am a candidate for the King Conservation District Board of Supervisors.  I currently operate a dairy farm in Duvall.  I am also a King County native and a three generation farmer.  I have served on the King County Agriculture Commission as a representative of the dairy industry and was its first Chair.  I am currently also serving as a Commissioner of Drainage District #6 and am serving on the King County Agricultural Drainage Assistance Program Advisory Committee.
I have had the opportunity to work with the King CD for many years, both as a user of their farm planning and cost-sharing assistance, and as a partner agency when I worked for King County as Livestock Program Manager and as the County’s Agriculture Program Manager.  I have always found their programs to be very helpful and have seen the great job the district does in working with the county’s residents and jurisdictions with resource protection and conservation needs.
I feel my background as a farmer, a former agriculture commissioner, and as a former Agriculture Program Manager for King County, that I am uniquely qualified to serve as a member of the KCD’s Board of Supervisors.  I understand the importance of resource conservation for all of our county’s residents, rural and urban alike, and will do my best to see that the conservation needs of all of our residents are met and would appreciate your vote in the upcoming election.
I have a simple website up that has the above statement as well as some key endorsements to date.  Please see and check it out.
 I am pleased to have been endorsed the King County Conservation Voters as well as a number of key members of the community that care deeply about resource conservation, agriculture, and the food systems in King County.  More endorsements will be coming soon.

I hope you will consider voting in this important election, and consider voting for me as the next Supervisor for the King Conservation District.

Eric Nelson

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