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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Point Wells Issue- Shoreline, Woodway and Save Richmond Beach File Legal Appeal

This story from the Save Richmond Beach organization. The City of Shoreline has chosen to take legal action against Snohomish County.

City of Shoreline, Town of Woodway, and Save Richmond Beach to appeal zoning regulations for urban centers

The three petitioners in the Growth Management Hearings Board appeal of Snohomish County’s “Urban Center” designation for Point Wells are all planning to also appeal the zoning regulations that dictate how an urban center can be developed.

Save Richmond Beach believes that one-size does not fit all when establishing zoning for dense developments. This was supported by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) in their analysis of the zoning regulations that theSnohomish County Council passed regardless of the concerns of the ULI and the surrounding jurisdictions. The Snohomish County Council also likely violated public participation requirements by closing the record and not allowing comment on substantive new changes to the zoning regulations.

City of Shoreline and Town of Woodwaycollaborate on Interlocal agreement

The jurisdictions that surround Point Wells are collaborating on an interlocal agreement (ILA) that would limit the development at Point Wells. The City of Shoreline is most concerned with  traffic impacts and the ongoing maintenance of roads and parks, while Woodway has included provisions that would protect their town’s quality of life and view corridor.

The next step is to present the ILA to Snohomish County. They do not have to agree to the terms of the agreement however.

Richmond Beach shows it's support

We moved to Richmond Beach a few years ago because we wanted a nice community to raise our kids. If these developers get their way, our community will never be the same. Point Wells developers are in negotiations with Snohomish County to line their own pockets with profit from the sale of high-rise condo units. This will not only double the population of Richmond Beach, but impact our roads, schools, and entire community. Traffic will be a nightmare and we won’t even see a single cent in tax revenues. We as Richmond Beach residents need to take action in order to have a say in this development process. 

 “We have pledged $500 to support Save Richmond Beach so that we can preserve all that we love here in our neighborhood. We hope you do too.”

-- Cristi and Larry Culp

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