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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Inititative R-52 Will Bring "Coolness" to WA Schools

Letter from Rep Has Dunshee promoting Intiative R-52

Shorecrest HS - 
photo credit-Shoreline School District

32nd District Dems will take this matter up for endorsement this Wednesday at their monthly meeting,
held at the American Legion Hall.

Sightline's Blog also has an article on this issue.


I writing to formally request that your Legislative District consider an endorsement of Referendum 52--Healthy Schools forWashington

R-52 is a bond measure designed to make our schools into healthier, environmentally friendly learning environments while creating thousands of new construction jobs across the state. R-52 was placed on the November ballot by the state legislature. 

About R-52: 

-Our kids deserve safe, healthy learning environments
Too many schools across our state are falling apart, have out-of-date systems, and riddled with mold or other toxins that can harm our kids and make their learning environment unhealthy and unsafe.

Approving Referendum 52 would use existing taxes to create 500 million dollars  of bonding capacity, with the money dedicated to improving public schoolscommunity colleges and universities in Washington. R-52 funds would retrofit aging and unsafe school buildings across Washington State.  Schools will be modernized with energy saving building improvements that would reduce pollutants in schools and create healthy learning environments for our kids. Under Ref 52, every school district in the state would be eligible to receive funds through a competitive granting process.

-Healthy schools save money, improve education for our kids
In addition to fixing problems like mold and asbestos, the repairs funded by Ref. 52 include energy efficient lighting, new HVAC systems, water-saving fixtures and other energy saving
fixes.  Those improvements mean that schools and school districts will save significant money in heating, lighting and water costs by using less energy each year.  And they will
pay for themselves -- only projects where the savings meet or exceed the money spent would be eligible under the bonds created by approving Referendum 52. Passing Ref 52 will
save Washington taxpayers $130 million per year by reducing energy costs and creating other efficiencies.

-New improvements mean new jobs
Last year, 106,000 jobs were lost in Washington.  Passing Referendum 52 would help to reverse that trend, creating 30,000 new construction jobs across the state.  The new jobs
created by passing Ref 52 would bring new employment opportunities to communities across Washington State.

Please let us know what next steps for receiving your endorsement are.  Our campaign is happy to send materials, a speaker or any additional information that your membership needs.  I’ve attached a brochure that you are welcome to share.

We appreciate your time and consideration.

You can reach the campaign by emailing me or by calling our campaign at 206-434-0979


Rep. Hans Dunshee

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