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Friday, July 16, 2010

Shoreline Historical Museum and Shoreline's Town Center

Town Center and Our Museum

Citizens are invited to send comments to the City of Shoreline Planning Department about its Town Center Planning Process. If you care about the Historical Museum and the Sense of Place" it evokes for our Community and especially our Town Center, now is the time to speak out to the 

Comments from Shoreline Historical Museum Director Vicki Stiles to 
Shoreline Planning Commission on 
Town Center Planning

To the Planning Commission - July 15, 2010

The Shoreline Historical Museum has been at the center of the community for 35 years, and before that, our building, for nearly 100 years.  It is very gratifying, now, as a touchstone for the community’s history, to be a part of the general sense of community pride that we see growing right here in the 15-year old City of Shoreline.  A number of the bullet points that outline the plans for the City’s Town Center seem to me to be right out of the many exhibits and historical documents that we’ve produced emphasizing our sense of place and purpose, and illuminating how we got to be where we are today.  I am personally proud of you and of the City of Shoreline for keeping a clear vision of where we’re going by using the map of where we’ve been.

The Museum will continue to be a part of your vision, a part of the City’s growth and development, and of course a part of that sense of place and a sense of community heritage that keeps us all grounded and feeling as if we have real roots here.  Besides our attraction as a non-traditional educational resource, we have long been a destination for tourism.  It’s a well known fact that heritage tourism in the United States has grown by leaps and bounds over the last ten years, and Shoreline does not have to be an exception to that.   You can expect your Museum to be right there with you, helping to make our community even more attractive to visitors and newcomers.  We’re already at the forefront of tourism here, and we are firmly committed to doing our part.  As a major component of the Town Center, and purveyor of heritage tourism, we will help bring aspects of our area’s history - the car culture, the Interurban, and our cultural diversity - front and center.


Vicki Stiles
Executive Director

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