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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SAVE Richmond Beach Wants Help With Signage

Save Richmond Beach is requesting folks to Adopt-A-Sign saying 
"No Urban Center at Point Wells". 

You can help by adopting one of these signs for $10 and helping distribute signs this Sunday.

Contact the Save Richmond Beach organization at - 

Check their website -

Adopt-a-sign program to begin this Sunday, July 24

The Washington State Growth Board ruled this spring that Point Wells is entirely inappropriate for an Urban Center development. However, Snohomish County and the developer didn't get the message and are attempting to proceed with the development in spite of the ruling.
Starting this Sunday, July 24, you will likely start seeing some new signs out and about in the neighborhood. The signs, which read “No Urban Center at Point Wells”, are intended to alert the developer and Snohomish County that we will NOT accept an Urban Center at Point Wells.

Help put up signs this Sunday
We need a handful of volunteers to help with the signs this Sunday. We will be meeting at 1PM on July 24 to put the "No Urban Center at Point Wells" signs out. Please join us if you have an hour, or maybe two to help out. Email if you can join us. Meet-up location will be sent upon request. 

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