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Friday, July 8, 2011

Wildlife Habitat Tour - Where Our Wild Things Are in Shoreline

Wildlife will rule in Shoreline on Saturday, 7/9! 
Red-Breasted Sapsucker seen in Shoreline
ph credit - Steve Schneider
The WOWTA Backyard Wildlife Tour will be featuring habitats in Briarcrest and Ridgecrest Neighborhoods.  And, neighbors are looking forward to a fun filled day with inspiring gardens to see.
The tour will feature yards that are "Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitats", by the National Wildlife Federation and also the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. 

The project is sponsored by Shoreline's Community Backyard Wildlife Project, created originally by Sustainable Shoreline Education Association. Shoreline has been officially "Certified" as a Community Habitat after succeeding in registering a large number of residences, schools, parks and businesses.
The WOWTA Tour is also supported by a Shoreline Environmental Mini-Grant.
Black-capped Warbler
ph credit - Chris Southwick

Find out how to take the tour by visiting their WOWTA Website or their WOWTA Facebook Page. 

Free admission - Mini learning experiences at each location!
Starting location to pick up maps on day of tour: Briarcrest Elementary, 2715 Northeast 158th Street, Shoreline, WA, 98155

All Participating Habitats are: National Wildlife Federation Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitats

Watching wildlife is fun, and creating a wildlife habitat sanctuary is a healthy way to give back to the Earth. It’s easy!
Please join us at WOWTA's second annual Wildlife Habitat Tour in the city of Shoreline!

about us picture
WOWTA is a wildlife backyard tour organized by volunteer habitat stewards in the City of Shoreline. We will show you a variety of wildlife habitats and how easy it is to create a wildlife habitat of your own in your backyard, school, and place of worship, business or public building.

latest projects picture
  • Increase the ease and comfort for you to create or enhance wildlife habitat
  • Increase your participation in the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Certification Program
  • Celebrate your wildlife accomplishments!

contact us picture
To be involved with the WOWTA Habitat Tour visit our Facebook Page.
WOWTA is a Shoreline Community Wildlife Habitat Tour sponsored by the City of Shoreline 
in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation and organized by volunteer 
Shoreline Habitat Stewards

Here are the four items you need
:Food | Water | Shelter | Place to raise young

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