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Monday, July 25, 2011

Potholes! Let's get them fixed

Pothole in your neighborhood? 
Salsby Shores Homowner very concerned about this persistent hole in front of their driveway.
The City dumped some asphalt in but it just sunk again. Weird.

So report them to the City. And maybe just one email or call isn't enough. Staff are busy, and maybe the "squeaky wheel" will get the problem taken care of.

Thanks to Shoreline Area News and City Public Works Maintenance Supervisor for requesting reports of the problem areas. We have an 11 mile wide city with A LOT of streets. Please be a little patient but persistent.

Thanks for helping out with this perennial problem!


Turn in your potholes, Shoreline residents

MONDAY, JULY 25, 2011

The Shoreline Public Works department wants to know about potholes on city streets. Not only potholes, but cracks, low spots, and other imperfections in Shoreline City streets.

Operations Manager Jesus Sanchez says, "It's easier and more cost-effective to fix a small crack in the road than to wait until the road is in full failure."

If you live in the Echo Lake neighborhood, they want to know right away, and your streets will get priority. (See story).

Public Works has made it as easy as possible to report those flaws, by providing a variety of ways to communicate with them.

Customer Response Team
If you have an honest-to-goodness pothole, call the CRT at 206-801-2700. They'll have someone out within 24 hours to do a temporary fill and they'll create a work order for Public Works crews.

On-line form
If you have something not so urgent, you can create a work order for Public Works by going on their website and filling out a simple form.


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