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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sustainable Works Project Is Here

Have you thought about making your home more efficient, but not sure where to start? 

This Saturday will bring to Shoreline a new way to implement Sustainability. Join the fun walk this Saturday! See below.

A non-profit organization, originally based in the Spokane Area, called Sustainable Works is ready to help communities with low cost "Energy Audits" and also retrofits to actually help them save money and save energy.
SustainableWorks is a community-based non-profit created solely to help home and small commercial building owners, like you, with home retrofits to reduce energy use while also creating quality jobs.

Sustainable Works has a local steering committee and has received funding to get the audits and retrofits into the community with a Federal ARRA grant.

The project is being co-sponsored by the City of Shoreline, Shoreline Solar and other groups.

Sustainable Works volunteers will be canvassing several Shoreline neighborhoods this Saturday, 3/19, 10-1:30.

You are invited to join them. Teams of enthusiastic volunteers, will be heading out Saturday morning to distribute literature. If you have a youth group who'd like to join in, they are very welcome, but will need to accompanied by an adult.

If you and your family would like to help out, please join them at:
Northwest Church 15555 15th Ave NE Shoreline WA 98155 see map

For more information contact -  Richard Wells at 206 930- 6377 or email 
  1. Pre-Audit:  Our volunteers will describe how our process works and request information from you to determine if your home is a good candidate for an energy saving retrofit.  CFL 100 pxls
  2. Energy Audit: Our skilled trade workers will inspect your home to determine where you can save energy and money.  Thanks to federal stimulus funds and utility support, your audit will cost only $95 (fully refundable if we don't recommend any improvements) and includes installation of CFL light bulbs, shower heads and faucet aerators to start saving immediately. 
  3. Energy Consultation: An energy consultant will review the findings with you and suggest the most cost-effective steps to reduce your energy use.  You will only select the extent of energy saving activities and costs that you are comfortable with.  
  4. Energy Saving Retrofit:  We coordinate everything - contractors, financing, project management and final inspection - to make the process as easy as possible for you.  

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