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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Eric Nelson Ahead in KCD Race by Wide Margin

Duval dairy farmer Eric Nelson appears to have a wide lead (56% of vote) in the King Conservation District Board of Supervisor's race.

King Conservation District site has the results today.

KCD states the following results:
Eric Nelson - 1292, Douglas "Bruce" Elliott - 820, Teri Herrera -129, Preston Prudent - 54

Eric Nelson received many endorsements including the King County Conservation Voters and KC Exec Dow Constantine.

This election was the first "online" vote in the US, conducted by KCD. The district was seeking to involve more voters than in the past. It's not clear whether this goal was achieved.

Election Results
Eric K. Nelson won the King CD election and will be seated on the Board of Supervisors at the June Board of Supervisors meeting. (Please note: These results will not become official until certified by the Washington State Conservation Commission in May, 2011.)
The final candidate totals are:
Douglas "Bruce" Elliott82036
Teri Herrera1296
Eric K. Nelson129256
Preston Prudente542

Election Trust LLC of Bellevue was the designated third party Election Supervisor. Secure online voting was administered by Election Trust on the Pnyx™ eVoting Platform (Secured by Scytl).

Eric Nelson, Dairy Farmer at Cherry 
Valley Dairy, Duval 

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  1. Something had to go right sooner or later!!!