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Monday, March 14, 2011

Shoreline Snags a Tree

A tree was leaning over severely, in the Paramount Park Natural Area next to the street. It had been impacted by some water district repairs last year. (They'd left the tree standing by request, but the recent winds were too much for it.) It wasn't really threatening anything or anyone.

But, it wasn't necessary to cut the tree down entirely.  A citizen request to "snag" the tree was honored by the Shoreline Parks Department. There is a "wildlife snag" section already in the city code. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife also recommend this whenever possible if a tree must be cut.
Roots exposed of Bitter Cherry Tree
So the Parks Department came out and expertly cut the top off the tree (about 15-20'). It is adjacent to the natural area with lots of underbrush, where bird habitat is already abundant. Littles Creek is nearby and also the wetland restoration area of Paramount Park. 

And this is a good week to talk about Wildlife Snags, because this week is actually 
National Wildlife Week!
National Wildlife Week

March 14-20, 2011

Wildlife That Move Us – Celebrating the Wildlife All Around Us

Here's how Shoreline Parks did it: 
Leaning Tree
Parks "Cherry Picker" Truck
Multi-Trunked Tree Cut off one by one
Expert work by Shoreline staff
Thanks Shoreline Parks for the quick response and expert work, for the wildlife and our neighborhood! 

WDFW photo credit -Raccoon family in tree den. A note about raccoons – raccoons can become habituated to people;
they are aggressive and sometimes dangerous and carry the roundworm Baylisascaris procyonis that can infect humans and pets.
Do NOT leave pet food and garbage out andnever feed raccoons.

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  1. Thanks for this article and all the great photos. The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife has a "just released" web page all about snags along with a brochure to download at:

    It's a great thing to do. I recently "snagged" a deteriorating limb from a Madrone and it now has a flicker family living it!