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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air - Moss and Dead Wood

Take a Break for Some Nature

In Late February at Paramount Park Moss Rules

Moss and Dead Wood = Habitat
ph credit - Janet Way
Large Woody Debris Creates Habitat
Dead Wood Brings Life to the Forest
Snags Make Excellent Bird Habitat and a Smorgasbord of Food Choices For Critters
WDFW has a special website now that touts the value the state places on Wildlife Snags.
Red-Breasted Nuthatch inhabits a knothole in a snag
in wooded area near Boeing Creek
ph credit - Claudia Turner
More Snags in the Water
Upper Wetland Pond in Paramount Park Restoration Area
contains many snags and LWD (Large Woody Debris)
Ancient Cedar Stump Hosts New Tree Growth
So if you see a dead tree, especially in a natural area, don't panic. 
Consider it a vital part of the ecosystem.  Soon it will be providing untolled benefits to your local 
wildlife and eventually will nurture new trees.
Snag intentionally placed at Paramount Park
in a KC Wildlife Habitat Grant 2001

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