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Friday, December 3, 2010

Thornton Creek Work Party this Sunday

Thornton Creek Park Six is an ongoing location for stewardship in North Seattle. It is directly across the street from Northgate (and Thornton Place and Thornton Creek Water Quality Channel). 

It is an important headwaters area of the South Branch of Thornton Creek, which is the largest watershed
in Seattle and Shoreline and hosts 5 species of salmonids including chinook. It is truly an amazing resource for nature lovers right in the center of North Seattle.

This Sunday is your last opportunity of the year to help our directly on a Thornton Creek work party.

Wooduck sighted at Park Six Pond
photo credit - Don MacCall
What better opportunity to work of some of those calories in between the winter feasts??
And the current forecast promises no rain on our day.

When: Dec. 5 (Sun.)
Time: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Where:  Meet on the south side of NE 105th, between 5th Ave. NE and 8th Ave.
NE.  From here we'll work our  way north into the park.
Tasks:  Weeding around the new plants, mulching, and putting temporary cages
around the saplings to protect them from hungry beavers
in the spring.

As usual:  tools, gloves, snacks, and hot/cold beverages will be provided.
Please bring your water bottle.
Questions:  Respond to this e mail address or phone 206-930-8965.
Thornton Creek Park Six Natural Area
photo credit - Janet Way

If you have time be sure to check out the beaver pond!  With last summer's
work parties, and a large group of Girl Scouts working there this fall, the
viewing area is looking really nice. 
 Also note what a busy beaver buffet it still is!  
The Wood Ducks are back, but has anyone seen the two Great Blue
 that were always there until last spring?  

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