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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Memorial to a Creek Steward

Brian Bodenbach Shares some photos he's taken at the event
with Carrie MacArthur and son. Carrie now works as an environmental consultant
so you might say that Steve's values were passed on to his descendants.
A hardy group met today at Thornton Creek Park #2 in Victory Heights Neighborhood to commemorate
the lifetime of stewardship of North seattle Resident, Steve MacArthur.

Steve passed away a few months ago and today Thornton Creek Alliance, Family and Friends met to
plant some trees and install a small memorial plaque in Steve's memory.

Steve was a watchdog for Thornton Creek, because his family home was on the North Branch near Lake City.  He was one of the founding members of Thornton Creek Alliance and a member of the Thornton Creek Watershed Oversight Committee.

Family members and friends shared how Steve was fiercely protective of the creek and would ensure that anyone who violated it, heard from him. They also shared his great sense of humor and fun.
The night the creek overflowed on New Years 1996, he called other creek stewards together and everyone kept an eye on it, while sharing beer and stories.
Steve MacArthur's Grandchildren "helping" out with
tree planting

Today though was about planting some native trees and installing a lovely memorial plaque near Thornton Creek's southbranch at TC Park #2.
Steve's Memorial Plaque
And Thornton Creek rolls on below, splashing and gurgling towards Lake Washington. The urban creek still has it's problems, but it also has people like Steve MacArthur who care.
Thornton Creek at Park #2

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