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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sustainability IS the Goal, but the Journey is also the Point

Interpretive Signage at Cromwell Park

Shoreline and many cities in the northwest are making sincere attempts at sustainability. Let's give ourselves credit for the work we've done.

• Sustainability Strategy Adopted by Shoreline City Council 2008

Councilmembers meet with Congressman Jim McDermott
at his Wash DC office, discussing projects including
Solar applications, photo credit-Steve Schneider
• Green City Hall

Solar Array at City Hall created in partnership with Shoreline Solar Project
Spring 2010
• Four new Parks.  Southwoods, KruckebergOff-leash Dog Parks and Kayu Kayu Ac and major restorations at Cromwell and Richmond Beach Saltwater Park.
Southwoods Park dedication plaque

Cromwell Park Restored Wetland

Worker sorts "Silva Cells" for tree pit installations

"Silva Cells" Technology being installed on Aurora Project
to provide a better natural drainage strategy

• Green Street Project
17th Ave NE is transformed into a "Green Street
with pervious sidewalks and bioswales
Shoreline's Community Backyard Wildlife Project

Shoreline's Backyard Wildlife Project Certified this year
And great work being done in the private and non-profit sectors
North King County Green Business Conference 2008
sponsored by Shoreline Chamber and City of Shoreline
at Shoreline Community College

We still have much work to do clearly, but we are making a serious attempt to 
address sustainability.  Tree Preservation is one area that LFP has made great progress on and
Shoreline needs to catch up.

Street Trees Were Removed on 15th NE this Spring
Before Working with Neighborhood
And Historical PRESERVATION is clearly an area needing better work! 
Ronald School at risk now due to SSD Plans
But we have very active citizens who want Sustainability to be our "Watchword"! 
Let's focus the energy of these citizens and get to work on the challenges we face! 

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