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Friday, December 3, 2010

Season of Light in Pioneer Square!

Last night, we attended the First Thursday Gallery Walk at Pioneer Square
Gallery on Occidental Ave

What a wonderful time of year to visit this beautiful and historic part of Seattle! Dozens of Galleries, Shops, Eateries and Historic Landmarks everywhere you look! 

Northwest Fine Woodworking is Celebrating
their 30th Anniversary Year!
Globe Gallery is featuring Wildlife photo exhibit by
photographer Phillip Kramer
A little gallery worth visiting at 105 S Main
This installation is a delightful and whimsical
metals sculpture room by
James Barker for the
"Storefronts Seattle"  project
It is a strange tropical landscape with
nouveau "erector set" dinosaurs
and palm trees! Too fun!

It was also publicized as a celebration of Storefronts Seattle, which is highlighting the utilization of some of the empty storefronts downtown that are available.  I was delighted as always to stroll around and enjoy what the merchants and gallery owners have to offer.

And it was co-sponsored by several groups including the Alliance for Pioneer Square.

Crafts Vendors in Occidental Park

Some very creative uses have been put into practice in that historic commercial area, which bring economic vitality to an area that has been impacted by the current deep recession. 
Pratt Fine Arts Center has a Holiday Sale Outlet
with a wonderful selection of handmade craft and fine art pieces
at 155 S Main St from 12/2-11

It's also a joy just to walk around Pioneer Square and feel the vibrant energy there. Consider that commerce has been going on there for well over 100 years! And even more fun to go in and BUY SOMETHING from struggling merchants or artists. It's an act of civic pride to participate
(even if you are not from Seattle).
Discontinued American Dinnerware is a delight on
S Washington St. 

Clock Stands watch next to McCrory's,
a landmark for sportsfans
across the street from Seahawk Stadium 
Fred Johnson and Todd from Millstream NW, LLC Gift Shop
features NW artisans and an amazing selection
And of course the nightlife goes on and keeps the young at heart coming.
New Orleans pub and nightclub on
First Ave.

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