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Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women's Day-Honoring Women Who Work to Protect Our Environment

March 8th CelebratesInternational Women's Day.

The Charter of the United Nations, signed in San Francisco in 1945, was the first international agreement to proclaim gender equality as a fundamental human right. In 1911 it was officially declared in Copenhagen at a Conference.

Today, I'm celebrating by honoring local women who've worked to protect and restore our environment and many who've served in elected office. Many women in the Shoreline and Seattle area have contributed greatly to protecting our environment and making a difference.

Starting with Hazel Wolf, an environmental champion I'm featuring some of our many women activists, visionaries and elected officials.

Hazel Wolf lived to be 101 and lived an incredible life. She was longtime secretary of Seattle Audubon and is credited with many achievements including forming more Audubon chapters than anyone else in the society's history. She worked to save many important places such as Thornton Creek parks and Hamlin Park.

Peggy Gaynor is a visionary landscape designer. She has worked on and designed many beautiful projects in the Seattle area including Cromwell Park, Thornton Creek Water Quality Channel, Ravenna and Madrona Creek Daylighting projects. These projects have made a huge difference for water quality and community.

Maryn Wynne is Executive Director and co-founder of Shoreline Solar Project. The organization founded in 2003, has held the largest renewable energy fair in the Northwest for the past 7 years. She is also Director of the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce's Green Business Program.

Mareen Kruckeberg noted horticulturalist and co-founder with her husband Arthur Kruckeberg of the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden and MsK Rare Plant Nursery. The garden and nursery are now a Shoreline City Park.

Mamie Bolender who is co-founder of Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation, has been a long time champion of watersheds and conservation in Lake Forest Park. This past weekend she led a huge workparty for Ivy-Out at Grace Cole Nature Park.

Martha Rose is a visionary builder from the Shoreline area who has championed Green Building Practices.
Her company, Martha Rose Construction is making a name for itself with beautiful homes in the Seattle area including the newest project called Fish Singer Place.

Women current and former Elected Officials from the Shoreline Area :

Senator Patty Murray, Senator Maria Cantwell (Former Congressmember), St Rep Maralyn Chase, Rep Ruth Kagi, Senator Darlene Fairley, Rep Nancy Rust (Chair of Environmental Committee), Rep Grace Cole (namesake of Grace Cole Nature Park), Rep Patty Butler, KC Councilmember Carolyn Edmonds, KC Clmbr Maggie Fimia, KC Clmbr Audrey Grueger, Shoreline Mayors Connie King (first mayor) and Cindy Ryu (First Korean-American Woman Mayor in US), Shoreline Clmbers Cheryl Lee, Linda Montgomery, Maggie Fimia, Janet Way, Doris McConnell, and Shari Tracey.

The Cities of Shoreline and Lake Forest Park have made protecting our environment a core value, due to the efforts of all of these women. I am honored to be a part of this history. Together we have increased parklands, created strong environmental codes and policies including the Shoreline Sustainability Strategy.

There are of course hundreds of women who have made a big difference here over the years, and thousands who do everyday. I would be remiss if I did not mention a few more. Wendy Dipeso has served recently as the Shoreline Chamber Chair and co-founder of Sustainable Shoreline. Boni Biery heads up the Shoreline Backyard Wildlife Project and serves on the Shoreline Parks board. Juniper Nammi, Rika Cecil, Miranda Redinger and Kris Overleese are Shoreline City Staff who work everyday on advancing environmental quality in Shoreline. Ruth Williams is Vice President of Thornton Creek Alliance and is working to name Thornton Creek Park #6 after Alice Bryant, a well known peace activist. Vicki Stiles is the long time Director of the Shoreline Historical Museum. There are obviously too many that I don't have room to mention here, but whom I wish to honor as well.

Finally, I'd like to mention important women from WA State history, including our current Governor Chris Gregoire, May Aukwright Hutton, Emma Devoe Smith and of course Alice Paul (Iron Jawed Angel) (from NJ) who spearheaded the final effort for Women's Suffrage in America.

Photo Credits - Hazel Wolf, Seattle PI, Janet Way, Kruckeberg Garden, Shoreline Area News

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  1. In her own words, Rika Cecil just wrote to me -- "It’s an honor just to be added to a list that includes all those great women!"

    Like Mother Nature, Rika is totally a woman, totally feminine, and totally loving of our environment, and I sincerely thank you for
    so honoring her...