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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update on KCD Election

We are very pleased to report that longtime KCD activist Max Prinsen has WON the KCD Commissioners race.

In the largest turnout ever for a King County Conservation District Election, Shoreline poll voters (anyone who voted at the Shoreline Library, including many LFP and N Seattle Voters) made a huge difference.

The voting total in this race was 4,232 which nearly doubled from the 2,757 voters in the last race in 2009.

Last night at about 7pm, it was reported that about 550 voters had cast their votes at the Shoreline Library.

There were 3 very good "green candidates" in the race (in our opinion), Max Prinsen from Renton, Kirk Prindle of Seattle and Mary Embleton also of Seattle.

According to the KCD Website -
"The final vote tallies for elected board position included Prinsen (1,772), Mara Heiman of Auburn (1,488), Mary Embleton of Seattle (519), Kirk Prindle of Seattle (402) and Teri Herrera of Redmond (51)."

In our opinion, this is a great victory for environmental voters and grass roots efforts, AND for our impacts on the election from the North End. Yesterday we received dozens of email contacts from interested voters, urging folks to get out and vote in this obscure election. 

So, even though many in the blogosphere dismissed this election as "stupid", we showed that our valiant voters in our area cared and made the difference.

Thanks to everyone who made the effort.  We will look forward to more assistance from KCD on our Urban Stream restoration efforts.

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