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Monday, November 7, 2011

Shoreline's Urban Forest and "Tree City"

Monday, Nov 7th, the Shoreline City Council will again take up a topic that could make a difference in how our city is seen by residents and visitors. 
Local Park Steward Charlie Brown of
Briarcrest neighborhood has been
a watchdog for South Woods for many years.
Shoreline City Council will take up a proposal for "Tree City" designation.  You can download the Council packet here -  to see the details for tonite's agenda item and look up the staff report.

While a Tree City USA designation sounds good in concept, it is of little value unless it comes with some real, effective "teeth" or actual tree legislation designed to truly protect trees and increase our urban forest canopy.  The current proposal mostly talks about appointing the existing Parks Board as the "Tree Board". But it is curious to consider how the already busy Parks Board will have the time to deal with the complexities of tree issues as well. 

Shoreline's trees need help. They need a voice. A tree board may be a start, but hope it's not a really slow start and one with more backbone.

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