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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Election Day! I Miss the Polls

On Election Day, I'm nostalgic for the act of going to the polls. Is anyone else?
But now you must "mail" it or
take it to a drop box.

• I remember  the first time I voted at my old elementary school.
• I remember seeing the polls at that school as a child and seeing it as important.
• I remember my grandmother was an "election lady" at the polls.
• I remember working with my dad on election days to "get out the vote".
• I remember taking my kids with me to vote with, and having them enjoy "practice voting", for George Washington or Thomas Jefferson.
• I remember standing in line till after 8pm and still getting to vote!
• I remember the last time I voted at the polls in 2008, and meeting a black man there, who was so proud.
• I remember that night that my whole family (two sons) celebrated at the election night party.
• I remember standing on the street corners and asking folks to vote on election day.
• I remember seeing my neighbors at the polls.
• I remember feeling patriotic when I voted at the polls.

Voting is still great, but it just isn't as fun as it used to be. 


  1. I agree! I am glad you are brave enough to run for office. I heard your opponent talking about being spaced out and unable to remember the topic of the planning commission meeting she attended 3 days ago. What an embarrassment! I am looking forward to your election!

  2. Win or lose, it's been a well run, real grass-roots campaign. I'm looking forward to tonight's celebration!