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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Special Visitor at Tonite's Hiroshima to Hope Festival and Hundreds of Participants

Hiroshima to Hope

Hiroshima to Hope Lanterns getting ready for a lovely
trip on Greenlake

Ohio Congressman and former presidential candidate
Dennis Kucinich holding peace lantern
Many beautiful sights to see at tonite's Hiroshima to Hope commemoration at Greenlake. Hundreds of particpants of all ages and ethnicities joined in the 26th annual festival to honor the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings and to celebrate hope for peace. The celebration is sponsored by Fellowship of Reconciliation and other groups.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio visited the event, but kept a low profile. He was a very gracious guest.

The festival began with ministers, taiko drumming, and speeches by local activists. 
Taiko DRumming Troupe sets the tone
Participants and visitors were invited to "make a lantern", which actually meant making a small donation and brush artists wrote a message of one's choice on the lantern.
Brush Calligrapher writes my message -
"justice" for my lantern
My lantern reads "justice"
Lanterns are lit by volunteers
The loveliest part of this evening is clearly the amazing ceremony to place hundreds of lanterns on the lake in a symbolic commemoration of the lives lost in war and also in the Japanese tradition of "Obon" to celebrate the lives of ancestors to "light their way" home. 

Hundreds of celebrants walk quietly down the dock to waiting
volunteers in boats to gently place the lanterns in the

A lovely sight unfolds as the lanterns gradually drift out into the lake with the help of boaters.
Special lantern adorned with peace cranes
sets sail

Lanterns are placed in the lake and begin their voyages
As the sun sets and the moon rises the peaceful scene unfolds as everyone gathers to witness the beautiful sights. 
Duck Island just to the south of the
lantern dock
As darkness settles the lanterns create a beautiful and peaceful scene unmatched.

And still the participants kept coming to add their little wishes for peace.
Beautiful little girl brings her lantern to the shore.

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  1. Thank you, Janet, for your wonderful coverage of the FHTH event. So glad that Dennis could join the public; what an appropriate setting for him, a perennial advocate for peacebuilding here and abroad. Your photos are really great. Very best wishes in your continuing efforts on behalf of justice and equality for Shoreline and beyond.