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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bright Lights and Traffic for Meridian Park Fields? How Will This Affect the Neighborhood?

Questions in Response to an Article by Craig Degginger of Shoreline School District in PATCH Today
Great Blue Heron fishing at Ronald Bog
This bird is considered a "priority species".

Mr Degginger has only given us a partial picture here of what is about to happen to Meridian Park neighborhood.

The neighbors to this project would likely want to know more about how the proposed field lighting and runoff will affect their neighborhood:
• What times of night will these fields be lighted until?
• What will be the "lightshed" for this field lighting?
• How many days per week will they be used and lighted?
• How will this impact the hundreds of residents surrounding the school?
• And how will this late night lighting affect the wildlife at Ronald Bog and Meridian Park wetland and the "flyway" for migrating birds? There are thousands of birds that utilized those "fish and wildlife conservation areas" (Critical Areas) including some rare species such as the Osprey.
Two Ducks at Ronald Bog -
Hundreds of Waterfowl Frequent the Bog

• Neighbors would also like to know more about impacts from traffic when these fields will be utilized for HS sports?

We are glad to hear about the synthetic turf which reduces the use of fertilizers, etc. But studies on longterm impacts in the ways that runoff from synthetic turf holds up show, that it deteriorates and breaks down over the years.
• How will this impact the runoff in the future?

• And was there a "cost/benefit analysis" for the community and the schools with this proposal?

We all want to support our schools, but we also want to be told the actual impacts from these projects funded by taxpayer dollars.

What is the city's responsibility in regulating this proposed project? Inquiring minds want to know.

Thank you.
Janet Way
Osprey perching at Ronald Bog last August '10

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