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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Despite Politics and Other Concerns of Humans, Beaver Pond Park (formerly Thornton Creek Park Six) Keeps on Buzzing with Wildlife

Northgate Resident, Bob Barta Observed Great Blue Heron at Beaver Pond Park on Thornton Creek at Northgate.
Great Blue Heron finds regular meals at Beaver Pond Park
on Thornton Creek
ph credit - Bob Barta

Bob Reports -
"Just a few minutes before taking this shot, the Heron caught a fist about 4 inches long and to other small fish. 

Wildlife is flourishing on Thornton Creek."

Last week I also caught some nice fall color at the former Th Cr Park Six which is now a rather big pond thanks to the clever beavers. 
Lovely Beaver Pond in the middle of
Northgate neighborhood!
ph credit - Janet Way

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