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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Point Wells is Front and Center Tonite at Shoreline City Council Again

The first Shoreline Councilmeeting of the fall season will bring the big issue front and center -
Point Wells. 
Council Hearing tonight! 
Citizens are urged to attend and express their opinions. 

The City had issued a Letter of Intent" to negotiate with the billionaire developers, rather than pursue further litigation. The council has presumably given it's blessing to this tactic but is requiring a series of public hearings.

YOU can testify and/or send a comment to the Council tonite or any week. 
Here is their meeting info page.

Save Richmond Beach is a non-profit advocacy organization that is standing up against the mega-huge development proposal by Blue Square Real Estate.  They've published the following notice urging citizens to attend tonite's meeting and advocate for no capitulation by the City to BSRE. 

They've recently posted many "NO URBAN CENTER" signs around town and are urging the City to fight against that GMA designation rather than just negotiate. They are asking folks to "Adopt-a-Sign" for $10. Contact them at -

Point Wells City Council Meeting Tuesday at 7PM

September 6, 2011
Council Chamber
Shoreline City Hall
17500 Midvale Avenue North

As a follow-up to the staff-sponsored (standing-room-only) public meeting on August 31, the City Council will be hosting another 
public meeting to discuss the Point Wells Letter-of-Intent and the public comment that was generated at the meeting last week.

Below is a bulleted list of concerns from the meeting last week as documented by staff. This is not the final list as stated in the 
staff-report released after the hearing.

If you do not see your concern listed, I highly recommend you 
email your City Council or come and speak at the meeting this week.

1) Traffic - residents are concerned about the traffic impacts from the project, including construction and parking diversion from the development when completed;

2) Project Opposition - residents are opposed to the project and feel that the City should fight or delay the development through lawsuits, and not agree to anything;

3) Trust - that there was not sufficient public notice about the community meeting or the Council meeting on September 6th and that people felt the City abruptly changed policy direction with the LOI and they felt blindsided;

4) Premature Action/Decision - residents voiced concern that the LOI is premature and the staff should have held the public hearing to receive residents' input prior to formalizing the LOI; and

5) Annexation - The City is only pursuing annexation as a way to increase City resources regardless of the project impacts. is a community-driven non-profit organization dedicated to preserving our neighborhood through responsible and sustainable planning.

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