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Monday, September 12, 2011

Kudos to Save Richmond Beach for Standing Up to the International Developer!

Now that takes moxie!  
"I applaud the outstanding efforts and position of Save Richmond Beach organization and urge everyone who can to chip in to their effort!"  Janet Way

Today I also prepared a statement that I'll be distributing around town in the upcoming weeks.  
Puget Sound means a great deal to my family and to everyone
in our region. But it is especially important to the
residents of Richmond Beach.
We all stand with them as they face this crucial battle
on the Point Wells development.

TO:     Shoreline Residents
From:    Janet Way - 
Candidate for Shoreline City Council, Pos #4

RE:     Letter to Richmond Beach and surrounding neighborhoods on Point Wells development proposal.

The Point Wells proposal is a problem for our entire community

The fundamental problem with the BSRE Pt. Wells, LP (BSRE) proposal is the potentially huge impact to a unique 100 yr old neighborhood as well as the rest of Shoreline caused by an international corporation and Snohomish County imposing its will on our City, when we have no direct control over the outcome.  This is a violation of the sovereignty of our city and community and an “Urban Center” is not appropriate.  The developer and Snohomish are not playing fair!
I have stated quite clearly that I support the position and outstanding work of the Save Richmond Beach organization. I believe that the City of Shoreline should do everything in its power to fight this development, including joining the litigation if necessary.  They should not give up any leverage by agreeing prematurely to negotiate.  The developers should know that the City is willing to use every legal tool to protect Richmond Beach and keep our citizens safe from the massive impacts of this development.

If the City Council stands with the community and shows its willingness to use its power to litigate if necessary, then anything is possible, perhaps even funding for a regional park which would benefit all of us and restore the natural Puget Sound shoreline. 

I have fought international corporations in the past and triumphed, and in the end worked collaboratively with a visionary developer for a great outcome. I believe that strong council leadership and oversight is needed from the council now and in the future to guide this process to save Richmond Beach and our entire community from an inappropriate development and a horrendous traffic nightmare.

We need council members who are willing to stand strong with the community and insist on action to protect our community.  I stand ready to serve and insist on courageous actions to Save Richmond Beach. Anything less would be unacceptable.


Janet Way
Candidate for Shoreline City Council, Pos #4

Paid for by Citizens to Elect Janet Way
Volunteer Labor Donated

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