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Monday, June 27, 2011

Jay Inslee Campaign for Governor Is Off and Running

So Jay Inslee is in. 
While virtually no one is surprised by this news, it is still exciting. 

I have seen Jay Inslee inspire hope many times before. He gave a beautiful tribute to his friend Rep Gabbrielle Giffords on the day she was shot last winter.  Jay Inslee has been a champion for clean energy and the environment for many years and wrote a book about his ideas for promoting is called
"Apollo's Fire". 

At a Legislative Caucus in 2004, I saw him electrify a room full of hundreds of Democrats. This was in the midst of the unpopular Iraq War, in which he had the courage to stand up and oppose it.

In a statement to supporters today he said this:
 I sincerely hope he can electrify the base like he's done before.

It will be exciting to have our local congressman become the leader of our state.  While Rob McKenna has some solid experience, he may not have the right touch to win the hearts of the King County and nearby voters. That will be the test.

Go Jay! 

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