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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Green Seattle Partnership - Fun Summer Activities

Volunteers gather at Green Partnership
Work party.
There are lots of opportunities for stewardship in Seattle this summer. 

Thornton Creek Park #6 is one place that needs help.
View of beaver dam. Many volunteers have made a difference in this park.
ph credit - Janet Way

The Green Seattle Partnership is working to improve the urban forest infrastructure, by deploying volunteer corps of youths to remove invasive species and plant natives throughout the Seattle area.

You can get involved in your neighborhood park or any of the other many sites where they will be working this summer.

GSP partners with Earthcorps to get the job done. They bring in hundreds of young stewards from around the world to work and learn about how to protect and improve the urban forest ecosystems.

The Green Seattle Partnership has a vision of a city with diverse, invasive-free, sustainable forested parklands.  It is a vision where Seattle’s urban forest will be supported by an aware and engaged community in which individuals, neighborhoods, nonprofits, businesses, and City government work together to protect and maintain this resource.
GSP Goals
  • Restore 2,500 acres of forested parkland in the City of Seattle.
  • Create an informed, involved and active community of citizens, City staff, educators, business leaders, and conservationists.
  • Ensure sustainability of our forested parklands through proper, long-term maintenance and community stewardship

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