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Friday, February 5, 2010

Shoreline Area News Story; Star parties at Paramount Park

The Shoreline Area News
has posted an interesting event calendar on the Seattle Astronomical Society's upcoming Star Parties

These are wonderful and useful "Family oriented" events where anybody can join in and take a peak at the universe. The reason this location has been a popular site for
stargazing is that,
it has been one of the few locations in the Seattle Area which has relatively
dark "Night Skies" and it is a wide open space, with a higher elevation.

However, I've pointed out to the City staff for a number of years, that it sure would be helpful if they could now TURN OUT THE LIGHTS which now are
on all night at the restroom, since the park was redeveloped in the last decade.
The Restroom and Parking lot lights are very distracting for star gazers and really do disturb that wonderful "dark sky" effect.

Can't our City Staff PLEASE turn off the lights for a few hours during these
educational events? It would be appreciated.
The Dark Sky Society advocates on the
impacts of light pollution on wildlife,
people and stargazing.
Here is a link to their website.


Shoreline Area News Story-Star parties at Paramount Park

The Seattle Astronomical Society sets up telescopes throughout the year for public viewing of the night sky. Locally, star parties are held at Paramount Park, NE 155th and 8th NE in Shoreline. Everyone is welcome to look through any of the instruments at whatever is in the sky that night. Wear warm clothes and bring a friend. Paramount Park star parties usually occur on the Saturday closest to the first quarter moon, so there should always be at least one celestial object in the evening sky, Seattle weather permitting.If it is raining, or completely cloudy, don't come - otherwise, it is always worth a try. Paramount Park dates for 2010 are all Saturdays. The next scheduled date is February 20, at 7 pm. Check the Events schedule to verify the event and the time.
  • Saturday, February 20, 7 pm
  • March 20
  • April 24
  • May 22
  • June 19
  • July 17
  • August 14
  • September 11
  • October 16
  • November 13
  • December 11

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