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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dr Art Kruckeberg 92nd Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday Art Kruckeberg! 
Dr Art Kruckeberg and assistant Roland (adopted son)
and friends celebrated his 92nd Birthday at Kruckeberg Botanic Garden
Friends, Family and Kruckeberg Garden Foundation celebrated Dr Kruckeberg's 92nd Birthday 
yesterday at the garden. 

Dr Art, spent the afternoon reminiscing and "holding forth" on his career and topics of interest.
Art talked about lots of subjects, including the future of the garden that he and his wife Mareen created at their home in Richmond Beach. He said they bought the property in 1958, and started gardening "the very next week." He also pointed out the building the party was held in, a small house that serves as an office and home for Roland (above), was originally a run down garage. His father-in-law remodeled it and resided there until his death.

Dr Kruckeberg is a professor emiritus of Botany at the University of Washington and author of many important botanical and gardening texts.
Art's favorite plants featured at the party
One tree that the Kruckebergs planted long ago at the garden is now huge. It is a Sequoia tree that was measured yesterday at 3ft level to be 19ft in circumference!
California Sequoia tree
sequoia semperviron

Lovely fountain sculpture was created in
dedication to Mareen Schultz Kruckeberg.
It is located right next to her greenhouse.

He and his wife Mareen Kruckeberg developed their property into a magnificent botanical garden over the decades. Almost all of the plantings, both native and exotic were grown from seed. Mareen started the MsK Nursery there and began selling some of the plants propagated on site.
MsK Nursery
Hrs -
Open Friday-SundayMarch 1 to October 31: 10 am—5 pm 
The Kruckeberg Botanic Garden is now a City of Shoreline Park as of 2008. It is a very unique garden, nestled within the Richmond Beach neighborhood. 
Sign at Park Entrance20312 15th Ave NW
Shoreline WA, 98177
And the Kruckeberg Botanical Garden welcomes Spring!
The garden offers a great array of plantings to enjoy. Many are starting to bloom now. But the garden is fascinating any time of year.

Many spring plants are on view, blooming and for sale.
Rhodadendrons are already in bloom at
Kruckeberg Botanic Garden
Delicate Faun Lily grows near the
house amidst an array of Cyclamen
The garden has three distinct areas. The Upper Garden, in the front yard; the Green house area, which leads down the path to the lower "Meadow." The garden features many "Champion Trees" which are either the largest in the City or State.
An Oregon Ash is a City "Champion Tree"
designated in the Community Backyard Wildlife
Grove in lower meadow area
Dr Kruckeberg's work on the garden features his interest in promoting native plants. He has written several texts and books on NW Natives and was one of the founders of the NW Native Plant Society.
Tall Oregon Grape  featured in
lower meadow area
Many of the lovliest species to be seen at Kruckeberg Garden are very small and close to the ground, so remember to step carefully and look closely for treasures near your feet.
Cyclamens are found throughout the garden. They have many different
patterned leaves and colored flowers. According
to Mareen Kruckeberg, the seeds are carried by
ants and that's one way they spread!

Flowering Tree near Garden house
So Happy Birthday Art Kruckeberg! We are so proud to have you as a citizen of Shoreline and enjoy your legacy in the garden!

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  1. Congratulations on the occasion of his birthday and grateful thanks for his wonderful work!!