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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Update on Local Races AND Rossi Concedes!

Breaking News! 

Dino Rossi Concedes!
Murray Wins Re-election to Senate!
August Rally in Bothell
Photo credit-Janet Way
King 5 news has the Story.

Murray wins U.S. Senate race over Rossi  

In winning, Sen. Patty Murray preserves breathing room for the Senate's shrunken Democratic majority after Republicans took control of the House for the rest of President Barack Obama's first term.

The three local State races show increases in leads for three women candidates 
for 32nd District Seats.

WA Secretary of States offices shows the latest totals.

In each of the three races the winning candidates received almost a 2 percentage point
increase in their leads from election night.

Maralyn Chase - State Senate Race

20,47959.18 %
David Baker 
14,12840.82 %

Ruth Kagi - Pos #2 

21,74663.19 %
Gary Gagliardi -

12,66736.81 %

Cindy Ryu - Pos #1 

20,50859.60 %
Art Coday -

13,90340.40 %

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  1. And Shoreline's Prop 1 passed! Hooray!!